Songs for piano 1

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30 selected pieces|Temples in the Shape of the Sky (Axion Esti)|In the Neighbourhood (The Popular Songs)|Denial (Epiphany)|Myrtle (Archipelago)|Who Pursues My Life (Songs of Struggle)|Song of Songs from Mauthausen|A Day in May (Epitaph)|The Ballad of Andrikos (Town 2)|I Hold Greece in My Heart (Children's Songs)|Beside the Sea (Odyssey)|Conversation with a Flower (18 little Songs of the Bitter|Homeland|My Mother and the Virgin (Town 1)|Marina (Little Cyclades)|It's Raining in the Poor Neighbourhood (Town 1)|Here the Light (18 Songs of Bitter Homeland)|Of the Little North Wind (Little Cyclades)|Water (18 Little Songs of the Bitter Homeland)|I Open the Door in the Evening (Lyrical Songs)|I Remember in September (The Hostage)|Enchanted Night (Solutations)|Three engaged Man (Miscellaneous Songs)|Let Us Rise A Little Higher (Mythology)|Margarita Daughter of May (Enchanted City)|Where Has My Boy Flown (Epitaph)|A Prison (Dionysus)|The Slaughterhouse (Songs for Andreas)|My Love (Phaedra)|Rosewater (Archipelago)|On Distant Roads (Lyrical Songs)|One Day I'll Tell You (Lyrical Songs)|Galland Man (Songs of Struggle)|O Sun of Justice (Axion Estl)|Lament (Songs of Struggle)|The Letter (Songs of Struggle)|On the Eighteenth Day of November (The Hostage)|Laughing Boy (The Hostage)|Betrayed Love (The Ballad of the Dead Brother)|The from the film Serpico|Make your Bed Up (Neighbourhood of Angels)|ZORBA'S DANCE


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Songs for piano 1
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