Acoustic playlist - the 90s

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nineties 90's|ABOUT A GIRL / Nirvana|ACHY BREAKY HEART / Cyrus Billy Ray|All the small things / Blink 182|ALL YOU GOOD GOOD PEOPLE|ANGELS|BACK FOR GOOD|BITCH|BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S|CAT'S IN THE CRADLE|C'mon Billy|Coffee + TV|Crazy|Dagenham Dave|Dance The Night Away|THE DRUGS DON'T WORK / Verve|EVERYBODY HURTS|FIREWORKS|THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE|For your babies|FROZEN|GLASTONBURY SONG|GOOD RIDDANCE (TIME OF YOUR LIFE) / Green Day|HOW DO I LIVE / Rimes Leann|I saved the world today|IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY / Crow Sheryl|IRIS|IT AIN'T OVER 'TIL IT'S OVER|It's a shame about Ray|JESUS TO A CHILD|Karma police / Radiohead|Kinky afro|LILAC WINE|LOSING MY RELIGION / REM|THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD / Nirvana|Make no sound|MMM MMM MMM MMM|MOVIN' ON UP|MOVING|Mr Jones / Counting Crows|Muscle museum / Muse|ORDINARY WORLD|Perfect day|Runaway Train|SAVE TONIGHT / Cherry Eagle Eye|Say hello wave goodbye|SECRET SMILE|SLEEPING SATELLITE / Archer Tasmin|Songs of love|SONNET|Stay together|Staying out for the summer|STREET SPIRIT (FADE OUT) / Radiohead|TRULY MADLY DEEPLY / Savage Garden|Tubthumping|UNBREAK MY HEART / Braxton Toni|Virtual insanity|WAKING UP|WALKING AFTER YOU|WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME|Whatever|WHAT'S UP / 4 Non Blondes|WICKED GAME / Isaak Chris|THE WILD ONES|You and me song|You get what you give|You're in a bad way


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Acoustic playlist - the 90s
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